Republican leaders on Monday painted a picture of a divided Democratic leadership — portraying House Speaker Michael Madigan and Senate President John Cullerton as being at odds on whether to work with Gov. Rauner.

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3 years ago

The weird thing is all of them use the phrase ” balanced budget”. A real budget doesn’t allow loans to be part of the income side, that’s a cash flow statement not a budget. Borrowing helps cash flow but it sinks budgets. Madigan treats bonds like revenue. That has to stop. Make a real budget that shows that there is truly a huge a negative balance. Then do this years cash flow separately. But stop calling it a budget, and don’t celebrate if it’s “balanced”, that only perpetuates the lie.

3 years ago

Madigan. This is the guy that democrat leaders are supporting? No alternative plan. Just NO. The State is in flames and not one democrat has stepped to the plate to address the issues. It is all the Governors fault. Let’s just keep doing what we have done forever. Is Madigan just hoping everyone moves out of town so he can have the State to himself? This is just crazy. Can’t imagine how Lisa sits at Thanksgiving dinner and has a responsible discussion with her father about how he has improved the life of millions by somehow looking out for the… Read more »