February 6, 2013 By: Mark Glennon

Kirk Dillard, Republican candidate for Illinois governor, just released some new ads against opponent Bruce Rauner, a couple of which equate wealth with evil as unequivocally as anything that came out of Occupy Wall Street. The two ads are linked here:


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They don’t even mention Dillard’s own name, their sole point being that Rauner’s wealth makes him hypocritical, uncaring and unfit for office.


If there’s a Democrat somewhere in the country engaging in class warfare this overtly I don’t know who it is. Good thing Americans weren’t thinking like Dillard when we elected people like Washington, TR, FDR and JFK. At least Rauner made his money. They didn’t. Maybe that would make them still more unfit for office in Dillard’s eyes.


The media never really picked up on this, but he also recently copied Obama’s theme labeling all venture capital as “vulture capital,” a tactic Dillard himself called hypocritical when Obama used it in 2012.  In our article about that we said maybe Dillard should get a second chance.


He did. It’s gone.





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6 years ago

Quinn can use those spots without changing a word.

6 years ago

D-Lard has gone totally bonkers. Will say anything to get elected at this point. And he thinks this kind of thing will work in a republican primary! Good luck.