“Be sure to read this story as you write your check to pay local property taxes if you’re inside Rockford District 205.”

Comment: Actually, all of Illinois will pay for the spiked pensions. Illinois is being looted, pure and simple.

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5 years ago

The penalty payment from the school district to the TRS pension fund for exceeding 6% annual salary increases or granting excess sick leave in the last 4 years of the employees career comes from local property taxes but the resulting spiked pension is the responsibility of taxpayer statewide. So instead of paying TRS $1,850,404 in penalty payments the district could have have hired additional teachers or paraprofessionals, purchased lab supplies, etc., or heaven forbid levy $1.8M less in property taxes over that time. Community colleges and state universities are also subject to penalty payments for excess salary increases or granting… Read more »