“The best thing Rauner could do to promote jobs is to settle on a budget with the Legislature that sustainably funds state services and lowers deficits, setting tax rates that won’t yo-yo with every change in administration.”

“David Roeder is a Research Fellow at Innovation Illinois, a nonpartisan organization dedicated to progressive public policies that advance equitable economic growth.”

Comment: Actually, Innovation Illinois is very partisan — it’s on the left. Dare we ask what that budget that “sustainably funds state services” would look like, or is this yet another voice with no answers?

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4 years ago

You ain’t kidding, Mark. Innovation Illinois is anything but nonpartisan. They’ve recently received contributions from the teacher union PAC and SEIU. Their led by Quinn’s failed policy drones. The law firm behind Innovation Illinois and is a registered lobbyist in Chicago. Not so coincidentally, that law firm also has a foothold in Ohio, which is the home of Innovation Ohio that, you guessed it, receives significant contributions from the public sector unions as well. This is just another group like the CTBA parroting what the public sector unions pay them to say. Yawn…wake me when they fork over the Kennedy… Read more »