Ted was on with Tom Miller of WJPF this week talking about ComEd, Speaker Madigan and the Illinois machine.

“Even if Madigan goes, we cannot be complacent. Reason why is that over 30-plus years Madigan and others have built up this amazing machine that garners money, laws, and power. If Madigan is gone tomorrow that legalized corruption machine is still there. It’s not just Madigan, it’s the machine that must be deconstructed.”

“We have to remember that this system is about more than ComEd and the government, its the unions and the government, its the units of the local government and the state. It’s everybody taking care of each other, and that’s why it’s so powerful.”

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5 months ago

Illinois needs term limits. There would be no Madigan machine without unlimited tenure.

5 months ago

The only hope the citizens of Illinois have is that Madigan and all of his cronies go down. The biggest problem is many voters will continue to vote for corrupt politicians.

Mick the Tick
5 months ago

…and that’s a really big problem that eliminates all hope for the state.

Poor Taxpayer
5 months ago

The Madigan program works just like a brothel.
Illinois taxpayers are getting screwed.
Illinois “Land of Slavery”