Man, this part sure resonates: “I guess there is some conspiracy theory out there saying that people who want to reform pensions want to stick it to workers when they retire. That is just nuts. I can’t speak for everyone, but I can tell you this: I want every teacher to have a solid, stable retirement. However, as currently constituted, most pensions are in a poor position to provide that. It is as simple as that.”

On this site and in emails, we’re regularly called “pension thieves,” “vulture capitalists,” “haters” and worse.

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4 years ago

Good observation. You can’t ask logical questions in regards to someone’s pension. I never said a cop or firefighter shouldn’t get a pension, but should we allow them to factor in OT, especially if OT was minimal throughout their careers, and even if it wasn’t? I never said a principal shouldn’t get a pension, but is it fair for that principal’s pension to be based on a few years in that position when they spent 25 years at a much lower salary as a teacher? I suppose I can reluctantly give a pass to a state worker getting paid out… Read more »