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people who have unzip to count to 11 or remove bra for 12 complaining about raises?


A few months ago my third grader brought home a Scholastic newsletter that discussed the infamous NY Teamsters garbage strikes of the late 1900’s and how they unions were instrumental in social change. I wrote the author of this propaganda and said the garbage strikes were a shakedown of the New York tax payers and all it did was drive up the costs of living for all New Yorkers and told her (the brooklyn writing progressive millenial she is) that garbage workers now earn in excess of $100,000 a year, which is likely more money than she makes and the… Read more »


Truth. My 9 year old stepson has brought those same rags home. Will be glad when he gets a few years older and I can sit him down and explain to him how to use logic and reason to ser through such propaganda.