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1 month ago

Next SEIU will demand all nursing home workers work from home over Zoom just like the teachers. Remote floor mopping, remote bed changing, remote prescription distribution…

Goodgulf Greyteeth
1 month ago

Fat chance Governor Tax Cheat is going to make any effort to reign in one of the most militant public employee unions. Well does SEIU know it, hence the strike.

All you need to know about who is on the tail-wagging end of this leash (aside from taxpayers who vote for Illinois Democrats) is illuminated by the raises and “work all the OT-wage hours you’d like to” contract JB tossed to SEIU for the 40-some-odd thousand Department of Human Services and Department of Aging home-health care aides as soon as his administration took office.

1 month ago

Does solidarity require the governor to support the SEIU in their demand for better wages and benefits? No doubt the cost of elder care will increase and when those expenses are added to the facilities’ COVID costs and increased insurance premiums and litigation exposure. Thus the state can drive a few more of these places out of business. Sure the workers are in danger — and plywood gets more expensive just before a hurricane. Just another example of a FUBAR system. Teachers first, even if they don’t work. Do tell us the rest of the lifeboat priorities, Captain. It’s futile… Read more »