“It’s a ripe mess and voters know it. It’s right there in front of them. And this has outraged many liberal pundits, who perpetuate the myth that they speak truth to power even as they rally around the desperate establishment queen. The wits of our modern Versailles continue to ridicule voters who dare think the system is rigged, and call them foolish, deplorable hicks or mentally ill.”

John Kass at his best in this article.

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4 years ago

Absolutely right Crabcakes. Hero. Too bad we had no whistleblowers in our govt, and no one in our main media, exposing and divulging the corruption among the Democrats. GO TRUMPPPPPPP !!!!!!!

4 years ago
Reply to  steve-oh

When Hillary’s crowned queen (which I still think is inevitable) will she demand Assanges head on a platter (and hacker in general)? Or just blame it on Putin? the role Wikileeks and hackers have played is the biggest story in this election.
Also, I’m not a Trump fan

4 years ago

What’s most interesting in exposing Clintons phony smile for what it, is the role plain old emails have played –and most specifically Wikileaks. Is Julian Assange from his exile in the Ecuador embassy in London a trader or hero? and if so for whom?? I say hero for me.