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When asked what he thought about all the chatter on a primary challenge from GOP Rep. Jeanne Ives, Governor Rauner had only a simple “whatever.”

Unfortunately, that’s emblematic of the what Bruce Rauner has become.

This is not the same Bruce Rauner who, at least through his primary run four years ago, was informed, substantive, vigorous and principled.

Now, he stumbles from day to day with no purpose, unprepared and uninformed, offering little more than glib platitudes delivered with a smile. Nobody in either party in the General Assembly trusts him, and he has largely turned his office over to his wife, who holds fundamentally different views than those her husband ran on.

He has lost it, and dropping out of the race is looking more and more like the right way for him to go.

Mark Glennon is founder of Wirepoints. Opinions expressed are his own.

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People can’t figure him out now because he’s no longer standing for anything at all. He’s been reduced to a pile of feathers, comfortable, don’t rock the boat, I didn’t win a single battle, they wore me out, I don’t give a damn, I give up, I didn’t know what I really stood for, I don’t care anymore, etc. Any one of these phrases is now as good as the next. Yes a rudderless boat.


Spot on. He has deferred to the mrs because “She’s a great gal and I love her and my head is spinning snyway.” That’s what it seems like! The problem with rich people (haha, God love ‘em, tho!) is that they need a cause to feel fulfilled, busywork to “pay” for their blessings / good fortune. But they are insulated and many have a rather lazy, narrow, unchanging vision of their “lessers.” This is not 1900s Hull House. Mrs R is not Jane Addams. Things are different, made much worse by government do-gooder interference. Mrs R seems to feel that… Read more »




Great comment Kathy. It’s beyond me why folks like Mrs. R can’t or won’t recognize the ruinous trajectory we are on. She’s smart, as are most of my liberal friends, but their inability to see the obvious is a mystery to me. The only “argument” they offer when confronted with facts is “shut up.” That’s why I’m convinced that nothing will change in this state until we experience complete economic collapse.