March 4, 2013 By: Mark Glennon

Rich Miller at CapitolFax dug up some telling comments by Bruce Rauner from nine years ago. This speaks to the question of why he’s running; why a gazillionaire would want to run for office in Illinois:  Ego? Power? More money?  I’ve already chimed in my support for Rauner, but I think this is a useful addition because I believe it’s an accurate reflection of what he’s about. From Miller’s piece today:

[T]ake a look at this December, 2003 interview of Rauner by former Sun-Times columnist Dave Lundy. No link because it’s behind their archives wall…


Lundy: What are your goals over the next few years?


Rauner: I plan on continuing to work in our industry for a number of years. I love our business and would do it as a hobby. But it’s very important for me to have this social service element. And I want to continue to be more involved with my time as well as my money.


I know this will sound corny again, but I remember my grandfather saying, “Bruce, when you die, just make sure the world is a better place because you were here.” That’s just a huge issue for me. I don’t want to die and have people say, “Boy, he was a pretty good equity investor.” That’s nice, but it’s not what I want written on my tombstone.


He wasn’t totally consumed with making money. Yeah, he spent a whole lot of time doing it, but he also clearly wanted to do other stuff, even as far back as 2003.


Also, Rauner has said he will refuse to accept a salary if he’s elected governor. He doesn’t need the cash. He doesn’t want a state pension.


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6 years ago

In our family we have words for this that we teach our kids, words like ‘duty,’ ‘responsibility,’ and ‘achievement’. God bless Mr. Rauner.

6 years ago

WTF, a winner who wants to use his money to fix government and not a loser who wants to make money off it?

Alex Keene
6 years ago

All the prouder I am to be an early voter for him. Everybody else do the same.

6 years ago

That’s exactly the kind of values I try to teach my kids. Instead, we have some of these unions, even the teachers union, paying for those ridiculous negative ads agains him!

6 years ago
Reply to  Rebecca

Rebecca, please, please remember that many of us teachers don’t support what our unions are doing. It’s very difficult for us to speak up, however, except anonymously.