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S and P 500
1 year ago

NY Times had an article “it’s almost 2019, do you know where your photos are?” that has a lot of similarities to the pension problem. We’ve heard about obsolescent digital formats before, but now it is a problem for anybody with a smart phone. Where do you store your photos ? In 2005, Yahoo acquired Flickr and told its users to move their photos to that website. In 2013, Flickr gave its customers virtually unlimited storage. Later Flickr decided it couldn’t afford to do that. Customers were limited to 1000 photos with more storage space for sale. Now iTunes promises… Read more »

1 year ago

Thank you for doing these interviews Mark (and Ted). Jeff could improve his form by simply letting you speak at length. He is constantly two steps behind you.

Bob Out of Here
1 year ago
Reply to  Erik

He needs to turn the iPhone off and quit texting during the interview.