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Take a look at the piece linked here from The Badger Institute, a conservative Wisconsin think tank.

It lays out how they figure Wisconsin can “take full advantage of the festering mess that is Illinois,” and summarizes Illinois’ problems quite well. “Go ahead and gloat for a moment,” it tells Wisconsinites.

Comparing border counties is particularly illuminating, it says. For instance, Lake County Illinois lost 1,043 private establishments on a net basis during that period, while just-across-the-border Kenosha County gained 202 establishments.

It concludes:

While many Illinois businesses and residents already have moved to Wisconsin, we may be only at the beginning of that trend — as many Illinois businesses likely don’t want to be around when the bill comes due for fixing that state’s pension mess and other fiscal problems.

Wisconsin is well-positioned to receive its fair share of those businesses —and to kick Illinois’ posterior for many years to come.

This piece was sent to me by a Chicagoan who fled to Wisconsin with his family some years ago.

Mark Glennon is founder of Wirepoints. Opinions expressed are his own.

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Meanwhile, Illinois kicks the can harder.