By: Mark Glennon*


Leslie Munger
Leslie Munger

Governor-elect Rauner today announced he will appoint Leslie Munger of Lincolnshire to replace Judy Topinka as Illinois Comptroller.


Munger, new to politics, recently lost her race to incumbent Democrat Carol Sente for the Illinois House.


She is an exceptionally fine choice. We first noticed her early in her race against Sente. She struck us as a superstar in waiting, and we asked her to write this guest piece for us about the Illinois economy. As we wrote, she is “accomplished, articulate, smart, energetic, and fed up with Springfield.” She is socially moderate and fiscally conservative, and supports the “Judy Amendment” to merge the offices of Treasurer and Comptroller. The Chicago Tribune described her in their endorsement as “smart as a whip.”


It’s especially gratifying to see her validated in light of the filthy campaign against her waged by Carol Sente, which we described as the “slimiest campaign in Illinois,” and that the Tribune called “disgusting.”


Well done, Bruce Rauner.


*Mark Glennon is founder of WirePoints