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10 days ago

Foundations and non-profits have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into social justice initiatives the last four years including racism and incarceration.

Kellog, Soros / Open Society, Chicago Community Trust, and hundreds of others are involved.

Unions including teacher unions are also involved.

Expect this to continue.

11 days ago

The safe spaces for kids of professional working parents have completely eroded. People that worked hard, went to good schools and provide all of the money for the rest of the city residents to leach off are no longer being taken care of. Those people either have left or will leave soon. All you will soon have left over are the welfare people and city workers. All of the soda taxes on the planet won’t dig you out of this one Detroit, I mean Chicago. I guess this was Madigan’s dream all along.

Stamp Out Racism
11 days ago

The time has come to stamp out systemic, endemic, structural and other forms of racism found in America and abroad. I applaud these students.

The True believer
10 days ago

Systemic racism is a buzz word, we have a black mayor, states attorney, attorney general, county board president, police chief and also elected a president. Stop you nonsense and start contributing to society and the blacks have to stop killing each other.

The True believer
7 days ago

I’m very racist.

The True believer
11 days ago

What more do the 10% black troublemakers at Payton want? All the whiners you mention all got into these permissive transfer by affirmative action at the expense of infinitely more qualified white students. And the minorities who got into the private schools like Latin, Loyola academy, and ignatius are all getting scholarships and were accepted because of excessive social justice nonsense and affirmative action. And if all these minority domestic terrorist blm loving losers don’t like it and are so abused let them go to the regular gang banger public schools and cry about their rights. Ridiculous.

10 days ago

How do you know who received scholarships or who is more qualified to receive them? Only certain personell at those schools have access to that data. 😐

True believer
12 days ago

I’m against racism.

The True believer
11 days ago
Reply to  True believer

You need to be removed from the blog.