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2 months ago

Common theme: octogenarians males, beyond their predicted life expectancies, with pre-existing and underlying health conditions. Now, don’t get me wrong, because every life is important, but there is a very real cost to saving the lives of unhealthy 80 year olds. And important steps should be taken. But Wuhan Virus is no Elboa, or Black Death, or Athenian Plague. It’s a severe flu season that affects the elderly (with the small handful of unfortunate unlucky ones that are otherwise healthy). If this were a disease that were killing children under 5 years old at any rate, I would shut down… Read more »

2 months ago
Reply to  debtsor

An even more common theme is that many elderly and most of us are nutrient depleted. How many in nursing homes get Vitamin D3 at the proper dosage or magnesium? Probably not many if any. A healthy body and immune system will easily fight this virus and many others. We are inundated with medicines on TV but the explanation of side effects are longer than the proposed health benefits. Many of those meds advertised have side effects of upper respiratory infections or certain cancers/TB/leukemia/etc may occur but your toenail fungus may heal. Maybe? I’ll wager that most of the elderly… Read more »