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If the wealthy flee, ordinary Illinoisans will be left holding the progressive tax bag – At the rate Illinois is losing people, it wouldn’t take long at all for Pritzker’s progressive tax hike to bleed away Illinois’ million-plus earners. There just aren’t that many of them to begin with.
Yes, the rich are fleeing Illinois and they’re taking billions with themWe’re often told that Illinois is not losing its highly taxed residents. Don’t worry about lost income from the rich leaving, we’re supposed to believe. It’s just poorer folks fleeing. That’s not true.
93 of Illinois’ 102 counties have lost population since 2010If you’re wondering how widespread Illinois’ problems really are, look at county populations: 93 of the state’s 103 counties have shrunk since 2010. 
New IRS data reveals winners and losers of wealth migration across 50 states – Connecticut, New Jersey, Illinois and New York have experienced some of the nation’s biggest drain of people and their money.
IRS data release: Record losses of taxable income and taxpayers for IllinoisIllinois’ new decade is starting off with bad news. The IRS released new domestic migration data that shows Illinoisans left the state in record numbers.
Happy New Year? New Census data shows Illinois lost population for the sixth year in a row New U.S. Census data shows that Illinois’ population fell again in 2019, making this the sixth year in a row Illinois has shrunk.
Illinois’ demographic collapse: fewer immigrants, fewer babies and fleeing residents: Special Report: Illinoisans are leaving in record numbers. Fewer people want to come here. Our birth rate is down significantly, as millennials are also fleeing. Even international immigration has dropped by half.
New Census data: Shrinking Illinois loses population 5 years in a row Blame whatever you want: pensions, corruption, property taxes or perpetual budget crises, but there’s no denying Illinoisans are fleeing the state. New U.S. Census data shows that Illinois’ population declined by 45,116 in 2018, a record loss for the state.
New Census data: Illinois shrinks again while neighbors grow Don’t blame the weather. Illinois has shrunk four years in a row, while its neighbors have all grown during that same time period. As Illinoisans leave, so does the tax base.
Neighbors improve on migration numbers while Illinois worsens There’s nothing in the U.S. Census migration data to tell us what exactly Illinois’ neighbors have done to improve their migration demographics. But whatever it is, their numbers have become better over time, especially compared to Illinois.
Florida focuses on tax base, Illinois on tax rate Illinois continues to spend, borrow, hike taxes and grow its unpaid bills even as its tax base shrinks. Florida has grown its spending by growing its economy and its tax base.


Series: Illinois’ shrinking tax base

Residents are leaving and taking their incomes with them (Part 1) Residents old and young, rich and poor are are leaving Illinois for warm states and cold states, big states and small states. And they’re taking their taxable income with them, shrinking Illinois’ tax base.
Loss in income is one of nation’s worst (Part 2) Illinois is an extreme outlier nationally when it comes to losing people and the incomes those people take with them.
$310 billion in accumulated losses from out-migration (Part 3) The problem with Illinois’ chronic outflows is that one year’s losses don’t only affect the tax base the year they leave, but they also hurt all subsequent years. The losses pile up, year after year, damaging the state’s tax base.
State is a national outlier when it comes to losing wealthy residents (Part 4) Though Illinois’ wealthy make up a relatively small share of the people lost to out-migration, they’re responsible for the largest share of income lost to other states.
People of every age and income group are fleeing Illinois (Part 5) According to migration data from the IRS, people of every sort are already leaving Illinois. Old and young, rich and poor, it doesn’t matter. Illinois has been a net loser of people to out-migration in every age and income group.


Series: Leaving Illinois

Leaving Illinois: Does anybody care about people like us? When it was finally time to retire, Don and Paula decided “to come home.” In 2016, they left sunny Florida for Poplar Grove, Illinois, just outside of Rockford. Now, three years later, they’re experiencing buyer’s regret. Not because of weather, but because they don’t know if they can afford to stay.

Leaving Illinois: Leaving Illinois for Alabama, really. – Like most states in the country, Alabama is beating Illinois in the competition for people and their incomes.
Leaving Illinois: One woman’s search for better opportunities in AtlantaTaxes get a lot of the blame for the exodus of Illinoisans, but for many, it’s just the sheer lack of opportunity that drives them away. That was the case for Tanya Wellmaker, a beautician who left Illinois for Georgia.
Leaving Illinois: How simple math chased away a village mayor and his family Illinois’ failed policies discriminate against no one. People are being forced to do what’s best for their families. And if that means leaving, they’re doing it.
Leaving Illinois: One family’s math Illinoisans don’t like how they’re being disrespected by their politicians: paying ever-higher taxes for ever-fewer services. So they leave.