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8 months ago

There’s a lot of wealth in the hands of the elderly and seniors in this country. I don’t blame the millennial and younger for partying like it’s 1999. Some of them are going to inherit good money; plenty of new opportunities for advancement at work if some of the senior leadership passes away. Lots of estate sales for homes will be put up for sale at reasonable prices. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, it ends of the more ridiculous pension payments to recipients. Quite frankly, as a generation, it’s in their best self-interest if some 70 and 80 year olds die. Heck,… Read more »

8 months ago
Reply to  debtsor

You’re brave enough to say what I’ve been thinking for several days. Much of the world is burdened by entitlements that were created when life expectancies were much shorter. Pensions and retiree health funds will see an actuarial gain. Life insurers may or may not be hit because those who still hold policies may already have outlived their life expectancies at the time the policies were issued. Doubtless actuaries and consultants will rush in to adopt new tables and the underfunding will vanish overnight. Pritzker will take the credit. Get a younger spouse immediately or your ungrateful kids will drive… Read more »