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In the aftermath of the Great Chicago Fire there was ZERO public assistance. People (mostly businessmen) of goodwill took time off work and opened storefronts to VOLUNTARILY provide assistance, mostly a small stipend to the recently-made-homeless and help them find another job. The operators of this coordinated their work to identify and cut off anyone who tried to go from storefront to storefront, gaming the charitable people. Within almost no time at all, Chicago was rebuilt and people’s lives returned to normal. Once the need went away, the people running the charities closed up and went back to their regular… Read more »


Back in the day religious charitable organizations helped the poor that had needs. Now, since the liberals have seen to it that the Government is the new religion, the poor live better today in their new jobs of voting for a living rather than work for one.


ALL animals (even plants, in many cases) respond to incentives. Pay someone for “being poor,” lo and behold people will line up claiming to be poor. Pay people who have kids they can’t afford to raise? You get MORE people producing kids they can’t afford to raise. This is the dirty little secret about charity (and welfare, its EVIL TWIN.) By throwing resources (money or other kinds) at “problems,” you get MORE of the problems. Who is too stupid to doubt that parents who pay for their kids to have a mimimal living standard will never see the kids grow… Read more »


JB can personally fund these people with his own money. I mean, he’s rich, right?


Hand the food stamps out at the job training center after 20 hours at the center; otherwise after they present their paycheck for 20 hours work; otherwise only after they have stood in line 4 hours per day … at which point they get 20% of their food stamps for the week and have to show up the next day for another 4 hours, etc. Liberals who think this is not humane may bring bags of groceries to the people in the lines then drive them back home (wherever home is). Or they can just bring them cash or a… Read more »

s and p 500

LOL. This isn’t France, where workers are going on strike to keep their benefits. Maybe Macron isn’t such a bad guy after all. So get a job doing anything, even if the last thing you did was writing code for a startup that bit the dust.