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Christopher Lloyd Columbus
13 days ago

Help me! They cut my head off! I’m bleeding profusely! I’m light-headed! Please help me!

The True Believer
12 days ago

You are a loser. You hide in moms basement. Come out coward.

Christopher Lloyd Columbus
11 days ago

I love your basement. Dance with me. It’s mom’s.

Last edited 11 days ago by Christopher Lloyd Columbus
The True Believer
14 days ago

This is all caused by Lori, Sophia King and the Grant Park Advisory Council removing the Columbus statues in an attempt to suck up to blm which evidently now controls Chicago. Miracle Boyd lied about the cop punching her and video evidence proves it. This lawsuit is frivolous and yet another attempt to win the ghetto lottery. It all on the Chicago democrats. Keep voting idiots.

Miracle Boyd
7 days ago

Dat cop was mean too mean too meet cop knocked all my reefs out wah wah.

Governor of Alderaan
15 days ago

I’m going to sue the city because the police didn’t beat them enough