Regardless of your views on the status of the election or of the candidates, are these appropriate front pages for news sources? “FINALLY, BIDEN” and “HAIL TO THE VEEP.”















-Mark Glennon



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Joey Zamboni
21 days ago

O c’mon now everybody…!

I’m sure they would have printed/posted similarly flattering pages if DT won….

They still may have that opportunity, it’s not over yet…

22 days ago

It’s worse than a college newspaper with young, budding marxists writing junk. What’s true w SunTimes and Tribune is also true for NYT and WaPo. Pure junk, lies and trying to destroy the Republican Party for decades.

Jim L.
22 days ago

I was born in Chicago in the 1950’s, so I went through the Cold War period with Russia. I remember any Russian news item being referenced, “From TASS, the official news agency of the Soviet Union.” This news was obviously propagandized and opinionized. The similarities today to what is coming out of main street media, Chicago Tribune increasingly included, is frightening to me!

22 days ago

disgraceful like so much about Illinois these days!

22 days ago

Anyone calling themselves a ‘journalist’ would be ashamed to work at the Tribune. It’s not serious.

21 days ago

John Kass

22 days ago

After 40+ years of subscribing to The Trib, I cancelled my subscription this week. I am so tired of the liberal bias that is in the reporting. The opinion writers are socialist or Marxist except for Kass. The comments that Trump was a knee on the neck of the nation was the final straw for me. What happen in Minneapolis was a tragic crime, to some how connect that event to the Presidents term and accomplishment is just delusional. I am stunned by the absolute ignorance of facts that the press had adopted on any topic that has to do… Read more »

Farewell lady liberty
23 days ago

Unfortunately the nation has been corrupted by the liberal bleeding hearts of society where feeling rule over facts. These mentally challenged people are going to drag our entire nation down the drain and soon either Russia or China will be our nations flag. It’s truly sad that we have allowed communism into this country and government.

23 days ago

The corrupt celebrate together.

23 days ago

On the bright side, it’s nice to see him standing next to a female and not sniffing her.

23 days ago

This is really an awful situation. To try to get to the truth on many things you now have to read several articles from liberals and conservatives and try to piece it together yourself. That’s why WirePoints is great and I like to see different sources here. When are you going to do it for national news too!

22 days ago
Reply to  Joan

I blame Obama . He brought Chicago style corruption to the fore in Washington. As son as I saw that useful idiot and his wife get involved in the race I knew it was going to be corrupted. Total classless, do nothing family. He will be the death of the nation. Even the worst mayor to date (maybe) of Chicago was placed there by this scum. Now Emmanuel and his brother are licking their chops if Biden actually gets confirmed. They sicken me.