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world with end

Wow, that’s an amazing article and not in a good sense. For example, he’s sure the wealthy won’t leave when their income tax rate significantly increases. That’s illogical. Some will stay because of family, friends, jobs, businesses, etc., but many of the others will leave. Also, the former group needs to reassess whether those reasons are good enough to remain in a state that will continue to gouge them financially. Also, he talks about a six percent flat income tax rate as a bad thing. However, after one or two tweaks of progressive tax rates, many IL residents will wish… Read more »


“Simply put, our current tax system is not working. It isn’t working for the middle- and lower-income families who have to pay a disproportionate share of their income in taxes.” This guy is an F’in idiot. The .05% reduction in taxes for most incomes under $250,000 does nothing to change what middle and lower income families pay in taxes. The alleged ‘disproportionality’ stays, for all practical purposes, exactly the same. Middle and lower income households also continue to pay the $.19 cents a gallon gas tax hike and increased motor vehicle registration costs. Who are these people and how do… Read more »