Ted was on Illinois Rising earlier this week discussing Chicago Public Schools’ latest budget in the wake of the $450 million bailout it received from state taxpayers.

CPS took the new money and did nothing to tighten its belt, clean house or get its books in order. Instead, it wants to spend nearly 20 percent more, increase its number of school administrators and build new schools even as student enrollment declines.

(Segment length: 5:12)

Read more about CPS’ latest budget here: Illinois taxpayers bailed out Chicago Public Schools so the district could do what?



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2 years ago

More administrators =more votes for Rahm. More schools = more teachers = more votes for Rahm. More schools = more construction jobs= more votes for Rahm.

Jack S
2 years ago

It would appear that all watchdog stories and reporting on corruption and examples of gross mismanagement, that has been ongoing for years, is not changing the behavior of the politicians or producing results.

The old expression coms to mind “Only suckers beef”.

Unfortunately, the politicians don’t seem to be too worried about all these stories and examples.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jack S

Yup. “Scandal fatigue,” it’s long been called. Sometimes we worry that we are wasting our time. Keep in mind, however, that the collapse of Chicago and IL will be one for the history books. Other cities and states are watching us. We’re hoping they’re watching closely to see the causes.

2 years ago
Reply to  Mark Glennon

It’s also my desire that other cities/states can learn from what’s about to happen to Chicago/Illinois. Unfortunately, I think liberals will find a way to blame it on others, accept no responsibility, and not learn a stinking thing. Most of the media will not challenge them so the typical voter won’t have a clear picture of how Chicago/Illinois #$%$ themselves.

2 years ago

At this point, I cheer when I see Chicago’s irresponsible management. I want to see it all implode….of course I left years ago. Stories like this validate my decision to get out.

Mark M
2 years ago
Reply to  mike

The schools also have an under-enrollment problem, as evidenced by a Tribune article today. The numbers of students have declined, and will continue to decline, as will the quality of education for most. Any rational forward planning would account for this fact. The problems are worse than they appear. By way of anecdote, the Trib article today mentioned that not one freshman student – not one – has enrolled at Hirsch. Hirsch won a state basketball championship in the early 70’s, perhaps one of the most competitive ever. It was then a real school, in a real community (albeit one… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Mark M

What the kittens does basketball have to do with education? I think you just stumbled onto the issue: the emphasis parents give to sports over academics. I wonder how many parents who take their kids to sports events take their children to an equal number of educational events, museums, lectures, science fairs etc.