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Governor of Alderaan
14 days ago

WBEZ should send one reporter to Englewood to interview residents and get their reaction

14 days ago

Then they can send a second reporter to suss out what happened to the first one, whom they mysteriously lost contact with. What’s the over/under on them losing all their reporters in the span of a week, I wonder?

15 days ago

Corporation uses data to make logical decision. News at ten.

15 days ago
Reply to  nixit

Logic is racist if it results in a disparate outcome. The Greeks, who discovered logic, were nothing more than a bunch of racist, slave owning white men, and their contributions to civilization should be disregarded.

Last edited 15 days ago by debtsor
15 days ago

“The results raise questions about how the company determined which areas were safe for delivery, which ones were not, and why restrictions remained in place long after the height of unrest had subsided.’

How dare FedEx claim that Englewood was unsafe.

13 days ago
Reply to  debtsor

Why don’t you go there and let a 17 year old kid kill you because it is a boring day.