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Robert Zeh

It doesn’t get really funny until the end, where they list some of the states where high earners would face higher taxes. They point out, rightly enough, that Iowa, and Minnesota, and Wisconsin have progressive rates that are higher or about the same as Pritzker’s tax.
But there is another state right at the tip of my tounge — I’m sure if I walk far enough east I’ll remember the name — that has a lower tax rate than Illinois. Funny that they can’t remember anything about that state either.


It’s always scary to hear or read from adults who don’t know grammar-school math, such as how to determine a percentage increase. I know someone at work who can’t perform that basic level of math. The older I get, the less things shock me.

Platinum Goose

Illinois One is a joke and not really non partisan – “Who’s funding it? Pawar said the largest donor so far is Kristy Kitzmiller, an investor and tech entrepreneur who has committed “six figures- plus.” SEIU has donated $25,000 and Pawar said he expects a cross-section of organized labor groups will donate.”




Here’s the rub: California is the dream state. It’s where we’ve all aspired to live at some point in our lives. I’ve been from SF to SD and could happily live any point in between. The fact that anyone, let alone anyone with means, is voluntarily leaving California is news.


The homeless situation has reached critical mass, from the sound of things. Seems the state us more the cynical Don Henley version (Hotel California), as opposed to the idealistic Brian Wilson one.

Governor of Alderaan

Are these math deniers suggesting that if my tax bill goes from $10,000 to $13,200 that’s a 1.2% increase??


These guys crack me up. They’re so in JB’s bag, he should just buy them and pimp them out as his marketing team.

Total BS: “but the tax increase is 1.2 percentage points, not 32.” All the pro-tax folks were advertising it as a 1.2 PERCENT increase. No one was saying PERCENTAGE POINT. No one. That’s why IPI explained it as such. We’re talking a hundreds of dollars increase for the majority of taxpayers and these guys are complaining about IPI’s semantics that were accurate.


Exactly! The gas tax was doubled!! 100% increase!!

But progressives say yes, the tax doubled, but it’s only a .20 cents increase per gallon…you can afford that in a progressive utopia, right?


I stopped reading as soon as I read this sentence: “The IPI is a master of this sort of math, as when the Illinois tax rate went from 3.75 percent to 4.95 percent in 2017 — in part to fund the new state education funding formula — and the IPI called that a “32 percent tax hike.” The difference between the two tax rates is indeed 1.2 percentage points, and 1.2 is indeed 32 percent of 3.75, but the tax increase is 1.2 percentage points, not 32, which is easily confused by the reader or taxpayer (which is why the… Read more »


It’s gotten to the point where I’ve given up defending my fellow downstaters. Besides, we’re moving to Indiana next year anyway (well before the election).