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1 month ago

These epidemiologists have exposed their ‘science’ for the snake oil that it is. Not one place on earth has had infection numbers even close to the lowest estimate of these scientists. This article of quoting a Columbia U (gawd!) study that a million infections just in Cook County in a few months? China has over billion people and it had 140,000 (including the the 40,000 that tested positive but no symptoms). Only Wubei province was shut down, the rest of the county was open, slow for sure, social distancing, but still open. And that was AFTER they let 5,000,000 people… Read more »

joe blow
1 month ago
Reply to  debtsor

These scientists are from the same left wing institutions that climate “scientists” appear to be from, which are totally lacking in method and focused more on emotions and feelings

Complete morons spreading fear… shockingly in an election year, what a coincidence

Look up Event 201 ran by Bill Gates, homedelete, its shocking

1 month ago
Reply to  joe blow

I looked at that 201, how convenient that it was weeks before the Chinese Plague, the Wuhan Virus, was cast upon the world. I have no doubt that there will eventually be a pandemic. MERS, SARS, Ebola, black plague, athenian plague, and so on, history is full of them. But Wuhan Virus appears to be the least lethal of all the pandemics yet they’ve used the most draconian measures to control it. All this does is make us less likely to comply next time where there is a 10% or 30% death rate, and it’s a ‘bring out your dead!’… Read more »