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Does anyone even read sun-times editorials? Hahahaha print media trying to adapt to a digital age, and still, few even care.


“Should Illinois close its public universities? Should it slash state aid to public schools, abandoning school districts for poor kids that have little property wealth to tax?”

Um, we’re spending over $3B per year on higher ed. How exactly would some cuts shut down the entire system? And there will be no abandoning poor school districts. Rather, the state would abandon the suburban school entirely (they’re already dangerously close), thereby enraging voters already spending well over $10,000 in property taxes.


“nobody is seriously arguing that the extra $3.4 billion in revenue would solve all the state’s financial problems, certainly not in short order. The point is to move in the right direction…”

“Move” LOL. They’re admitting this is just the start and that all rates will be raised immediately after passage. Can’t believe they printed that. Way to tip your hand, CFL.