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7 days ago

What I get out of this ruling is taxpayers have no voice whatsoever in where their tax dollars are going. Soon 100% of tax dollars will go to pensions. Then What? Services will be eventually be cut to zero to satisfy pension demands plus healthcare. This goes against every state constitution and their responsibility to ensure laws are enacted and applied for ALL the people not just a select few. It is an ongoing fight between municipalities.politicians and unions fighting to get more money out of taxpayers and where it’s going. Most of our FUTURE earnings are already being diverted… Read more »

The Truth Hurts
6 days ago
Reply to  Freddy

That’s what happens when you owe people money, you need to pay up. Not to worry, California will just increase some taxes and the problem is solved. The top rate would move to 16.3%. Once Illinois gets that progressive tax they too can experience paradise.