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Fed up
13 days ago

Refield is right, but he’s still a crook. Guy was kicked out of the army for falsifying aids vaccine research in the 90s. They were literally faking results of a vaccine from phase 2 to phase 3. The army asked independent doctors to confirm his work and they couldn’t…this was after he went in front of congress twice and lied about the results, but by then the 40 million they got in funding had already been dispersed. guess who was his lead research assistant at the time…wait for it. Dr. Birx….

Fed up neighbor
13 days ago
Reply to  Fed up

This is all being down to control people, get the population down to except able levels and it’s easier to control., thinning of the herd.

14 days ago

But, but, but – ‘Orange Man’ bad! Resend that memo to Dr Redfield, STAT!!!