Ted Dabrowski on with John Kass and Jeff Carlin

“If you care about your policemen, your firemen, your teachers, then we need to have pension reform. Because if we don’t – people keep leaving, the tax base is shrinking – we’ll have to start firing them…It’s ironic, paradoxical, but to take care of workers we have to change pensions.”

Interview starts at 37:00

The Chicago Way w/John Kass (02/19/18): Ted Dabrowski wants to change the conversation about Illinois’ public pension system and Kasso reflects on the death of Cmdr. Paul Bauer


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Bob Out of here
2 years ago

Ted, you need to start hammering home the point that automatic property tax increases to fund police and fire pensions are going to start in 2020, along with much higher contributions from switching to ARC based funding contributions from a statutorily based funding amount. The required amounts literally double in 2023 compared to 2018. (1.1 billion to 2.2 billion.)