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Governor of Alderaan

What do you think the reparations discussion is all about?


There is an adage in the media that if a headline asks a question the answer is always “No.” So, No, Chicago cannot get it’s black middle class back. The black middle class has left Chicago in the last two decades just as the white middle class left in the two decades before that. Chicago is NOT a middle class city and it actively discourages the middle class from living there. The middle class has no part of the progressive uptopia where: 1) abortionists practice on every corner; 2) marijuana and casinos will soon be in every poor neighborhood (for… Read more »


Google: The Science Agenda To Exterminate Blacks by Mike Adams on you tube the 56:49 second version. At first take it with a grain of salt. More PP clinics in inner cities than suburbs/mediocre healthcare if that/more lead contaminated homes which leads to lower IQ’S and aggressive behavior/very low Vitamin D levels because of darker skin which leads to more cancers and other health problems which is rarely addressed by Dr’s and on and on. This is going on country and world wide. Makes me sick how people treat each other. Would like your thoughts on that. Maybe it’s just… Read more »


I mean, yeah, living in a terrible place is going to cause all sorts problems, from lead paint, pipes, pollution, high crime, etc. That’s why blacks are fleeing the city and looking for greener pastures. I’m glad they are, every America has the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And it’s working too as black unemployment is at its lowest every and wages are rising too as they flee the major cities for the suburbs and other geographic areas. Its just too bad they continue to reflexively vote Democrat, but even that is changing too. In the inner… Read more »