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The True Believer
4 days ago

I finally got a Christopher Columbus statue in my pad. Ain’t that groovy? I think so.

The True Believer
8 days ago

Lori must and will give into the Marxist CTU like she did to blm and Antifa when she took the Columbus statues down at the insistence of radicals. She and the democrat scum need the Election Day workers. They totally control Lori and they will run blm lover Stacy Davis Gates against her for mayor.

Last edited 8 days ago by The True Believer
8 days ago

Government officials can do whatever they want with statutes, on public land. 😊

The statue belonged in Columbus Park, not Grant Park. 😊

Governor of Alderaan
10 days ago

Tell the stupid lazy incompetent parasites they’ll do as they’re told or be fired

10 days ago

Your last clause kinda goes without saying, doesn’t it? That’s not to say I agree with your negative characterization of them. Just because they aren’t seen as easily doesn’t necessarily lead to your characterization. Presumably they are all (or maybe nearly all we can only hope) home slaving away trying to do their best with this new way of teaching, something that takes lots of behind-the-scenes effort even when done normally and maybe at least equally so now).

11 days ago

Of course they can. But they will not

11 days ago

Vouchers for parents. Let the money follow the student to the best service.