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The True Believer
1 month ago

Lori is trying to get a job with senile joe and the Blm chosen vp. Not going to happen until the money people in Chicago finally get sick of watching their investment in this once good city stop going down the toilet. Last nights wildings that we’re allowed by the first district command staff headed by Jacob Alderden was another nail in the coffin. Yet again, the police stood down.

1 month ago

Policing is finished in Chicago. No police officer wants to be the next Jason Van Dyke and Robert Rialmo. Kim Foxx won’t prosecute either, so police do nothing and who can blame them.

Sherie L Dvorak
1 month ago

If the drug companies want people to have confidence in their products they should should remove the liability waiver from ALL vaccines!

1 month ago

Please stop the grandstanding, Mayor Lightfoot. Despite what you may think, you have no chance of rising to national prominence because of your comments. Cleaning up Chicago would put you in a much better position.

1 month ago