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I’ll bet all these nurses, social workers, etc they are calling for are in a union too right? It’s not about the kids it’s about union membership. I noticed lightfoot said the schools would be open for free lunches breakfasts, etc. though. She knows CPS is just a big daycare center to many parents.


“In an attempt to shape the public narrative in their favor, Lightfoot and Chicago school officials argue the union is not *bending on their demands* and lacks a sense of urgency.”

Is this journalism, or propaganda? It’s hard to tell sometimes.

The ‘journalist’ Sarah Karp should change her name to ‘Sarah Krap’.


Fvck it. Fire them all. Reagan did it with the air traffic controllers, so why not.

80% of the kids in CPS aren’t learning anything anyways. Teachers are nothing but baby sitters for those who can’t read and write.


Tenure is something the air traffic controllers did not have.
I might add for information purposes that Federal Employees take an oath upon hiring that they will not strike. They broke that oath and were fired.


With cps student population declining, ctu membership is shrinking as well, even dispite ctu incorporating charter teachers. How much longer can city justify keeping all the 1/2 empty or worse schools open? Who knows when new cps student #s come out how much more of a drop in students cps will have. To protect they’re future, ctu cannot strike over staffing ,only over compensation, so ctu’s trying to get written staffing guarantees (to increase membership) before they will negotiate compinsation?,,,,seems that’s the game ctu’s playing. Still can’t fathom why anyone can make the case that cps is understaffed? or why… Read more »

Platinum Goose

Absolutely about membership. I would think there’s schools that may need more support staff and schools that can get by on less. Can’t allow this to be mandated by the union just to swell their ranks.