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11 months ago

That math works out to $67.6 mill ot (for 1/2 year) x 2 / 13,350 officers = $10,127 avg cop ot $ per year. In a city that has more cops per capita than any other major city. and a 12% homicide clearance rate —–CRAZY. One again ,all the city has to do is publish data without naming individuals for all departments , including cps, showing tax payers where the work hours are being spent from straight time, to over time, to family medical leave days, disability, sick days, vacation days etc, etc—in the name of transparent government why does… Read more »

11 months ago
Reply to  NB-Chicago

I think it’s fine as long as it’s done the way you’ve suggested. Publishing the general statistics seems to be within the public’s right to know and may bring some needed pressure to better control such matters.

11 months ago

A cop friend told me he spends half his day or more now doing bureaucratic work way over what he had to do ten years ago. Whenever you ask an employee to “work your process” rather than “work the work”, you get less real work out of them. It’s all CYA work for someone else, doesn’t help the cop.

11 months ago
Reply to  Rick

And I’ll bet that’s where most of that overtime is going. Gotta love that CST spin.