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Tom Paine's Ghost

If CTU teachers were paid $1,000,000 per year it will wouldn’t be enough to satisfy these incompetent thieves. They would go on strike the next year. CTU members are greedy criminals who hide behind children while pickpocketing the parents. CTU are among the highest paid teachers in the nation yet produce some of the dumbest students in the country. More money isnt the answer. Busting this criminal cabal now is the answer.

Tom Paine's Ghost

If CTU teachers were pain $1,000,000 per year CTU would still go on strike the next year. There is no amount of money that will keep these thieves happy so…….bust this union. Among the highest paid teachers in the country produce some of the dumbest students in the country. More money is not the answer. Different, non-union Teachers is the answer. Toss all CTU members to the gutter where they belong.


I hope you realize that, generally speaking, there’s only a slight correlation between a teacher’s wages and the educational-attainment value attained from it. There is a correlation but its far, far below what one in about any other job category can even begin to comprehend. There are numerous other factors that create or destroy academic excellence, some controlled by the teacher but far more that he/she cannot control. Teachers in the CTU are paid to keep up the fight for progress no matter how slowly the public at large might choose to see it. Failing to compensate them well means… Read more »

Joe Hillstrom

How many of these dedicated teachers work past the earliest point where they can draw an un-reduced pension plus health benefits? School district executives frequently offer early retirement windows so some of the burn-outs with union job protection can be removed from the payroll. That generally is a budget plus sufficient to hire two new teachers who are still enthusiastic and able to relate to students. How many long-tenure teachers draw up new lesson plans after their first 5 years on the job? Why to high-seniority teachers line up for transfer to “better” schools within the district where the “fight… Read more »

Tom Paine's Ghost

I have great respect for teachers. I hate teachers unions.

CTU members have proven themshlves to be a disgrace to the once noble and revered profession of teaching and unworthy of the public’s tolerance. CTU is a labor union who’s ultimate goal is infinite wages for zero work. Period. They day that CTU allows incompetent teachers to be fired will be the first step back toward respectability.

Bust CTU and start over.


At $21,300 per student current budget..Whats frightening is ctu will get 90% of what there asken for–with the lib press leading the charge,,,