Ted was on Chicago’s Morning Answer talking to Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson about the Civic Committee’s latest budget proposal. The committee wants to hit Illinoisans with $6 billion in new taxes – in part by taxing retirements and by raising sales taxes on services.

Ted pointed out that none of the corporate titans on the committee would ever pour their own money into a business as dysfunctional, bloated and mismanaged as the state of Illinois, yet they’re demanding that struggling Illinoisans do so.

Read Wirepoint’s full reaction to the Civic Committee’s proposal: DOA: The Civic Committee’s New Budget Proposal Will Get No Support – And Shouldn’t


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Shirley Miller
1 year ago


1 year ago

all the guys on the civic committee are bulletproof. 1% raise here or there, they don’t care. Heck, raise their property taxes by 50% and they wouldn’t blink. out of touch with the commoners is the problem and their thought that public pensioners are “owed” the money. the social contract was broken a long time ago by politicians that used the system for patronage.