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Interesting it takes a republican apointed fbi area chief to make the raids/investigation happen while the dem machine, kimmie, kwamie and the rest are caught dumbfounded when the lights go on & the cockroaches scatter.


Always wondered what Kwame and Lisa were doing down there in Springfield, other than filling pointless virtual signaling federal lawsuits against the Trump administration, so as to turn us into the abortion capital of the midwest and the sanctuary state for of choice for the residents of Michoacan.


So much fake news: almost every one of those towns (except Rosemont) has been and continues to be run by DEMOCRATS. Why is that not mentioned even once in the articel?

Rosemont is corrupt in a different way (mainly nepotism) but it’s not so corrupt that it scares away legitimate businesses like the rest of those places. Corruption is generally anti-business and Rosemont seems to be the exact opposite of that.


Niles had mayor Nick Blase who went to prison for a year. He has since passed and it has cleaned up a bit. Nepotism is still rampant and the mayor we have now is a wacko. He has been term limited out of the job but is trying everything in his power to change the ordinance.