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14 days ago

“Pfleger said the coronavirus pandemic, recession, escalating unemployment, and demonstrations against police brutality, are providing the perfect storm to churn the tide of Chicago violence.”

Coronavirus pandemic – Democrat overreaction
Recession – Democrat caused through severe shutdowns
Escalating unemployment – Democrat enforced through shutdowns
Demonstrations – All Democrats demonstrating

So……Orange Man Bad?

Kay Sartoski
14 days ago
Reply to  debtsor

Hey Pfleger – newsflash – everyone in Illinois is depressed. This place is a sh*Thole and run by idiots. We are taxed to death and more is coming so they can “help” everyone. We get through this by doing what is right as human beings. Enough is enough from our elected officials, including self-elected pulpit priests that love political drama, that say nothing for MONTHS as an economic tsunami hits the state. They stand for protests and say “yeah do something!” But do they? Time after time we elect the same idiots. Elected officials do NOT have our best interests… Read more »