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Common core has been abject failure. And yet the educational complex refuses to admit it. All it’s done is literally sacrifice an entire generation of our children’s education for their failed pet projects. Common core is one topic of all the topics in this world that gets me really riled and worked up. I have children currently learning the common core curriculum with supposedly good teachers in a supposedly great school district, and the literal garbage she brings home *infuriates* me. I don’t have three hours a day to reteach or learn myself how to do his/her math homework, or… Read more »


What are your thoughts on Khan Academy? Seem like it’s a great alternative to common core.


Honestly I don’t know enough about it, i would need to look into it more. I’ve heard of it but not familiar with it.


Log into Khan Academy.org and search Illinois pension obligations. He has video’s or studies on underfunding of pensions in Illinois. I don’t know if that’s good or just plain pathetic. Watch a few of his videos like Factoring Polynomials as an example. Something way above my head is explained in simpler terms. This is how kids (and adults) should learn. Also check out Sal Khan on Ted Talk about reinventing education and how he came about starting Khan Academy.