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Hank Scorpio

Chicago homeowners are going to be in for quite a shock if their prop taxes come to par with surrounding suburbs.

mike Williams

They sure are.


There is never ever any talk about reigning in spending just raising tax’s. It would be political suicide if they would suggest meaningful cuts. Seriously what is wrong with them? Maybe they wear clothes made of asbestos drink gin and mercury tonics and eat lead sandwiches and eat tubes of fluoridated toothpaste.

Illinois Entrepreneur

Why would you fear the electorate when they’ll reelect you no matter what you do?


True.Very True! Considering many if not most politicians are pretty much self appointed/self elected thru political boundaries-gerrymanding and so on. They have nothing to fear because they will get in no matter what. That’s why we need a few to run and promise everything but will be there for only 1 term. Just a few would be needed in the House to vote against the Speaker. Those who vote for speaker get a clock except for Scott Drury who just voted present. Has anyone looked inside that clock? What goodies are in there? Consulting jobs/get out of jail cards/lucrative committee… Read more »


Democrats always reelected, always. Toddler Stroger was the last one not reelected.