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9 months ago

This should change the dynamics of public education as we know it . Many if not all K-12 private schools have learn at home protocols. High speed internet is needed for everyone. Khan Academy- Scholastic.org- TedEd and a few others have learn at home and at schools programs for those who implement them. Problem is that for many public schools are just highly compensated baby sitters for their kids. Who will teach the parents (many of whom are single mothers) on how to teach?

Bob Out of Here
9 months ago

Think how much money CPS can save by using remote learning. No need for bloated administrative staffs, no need to pay huge heating, cooling and light bills, no need for school security officers and they could pare back the number of teachers. So many paradigms are being shattered with the virus, and if we come out of this OK things will never get back to the way they were before. If a restaurant is carry out only, they could reduce their footprint and have a kitchen no bigger than a food truck as an example.