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7 months ago

As Gomer Pyle would say “surprise, surprise surprise!” To think that Rich Miller was singing Cullerton’s praises just the other day. Surprise, surprise surprise!

7 months ago

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7 months ago

Just watch, the FBI will let him get away by intentionally making a weak case. I have no hope that the FBI cares a bit what democrats do here. The FBI itself is a partisan swamp.

7 months ago

Fantastically sickening, but writers like Miller, zorn, m brown are still in love with the guy?

7 months ago

This is really daming evidence against cullerton. Missing funds, messed up campaign funds (he ran uncontested iirc), lobbying, fallout from his campaign director, connections to a shady bank, investment in mob restaurants, family members under indictments. The existence of a $100,000 CD to pay a legal retainer if he’s indicted (if something happens to me he says).