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7 months ago

Incompetent sloths like brown and her patronage crew have played such a major roll in keeping low income blacks locked up in cc jail over the years…and yet get a free pass in the world of ‘wheres mine’ chicago/cc machine black polotics

7 months ago
Reply to  NB-Chicago

Her office gets a bad rap all the time, and the political appointees staff with brown personally are truly incompetent. But there are actually a lot of hard working and helpful staff and clerks out there who really do go the extra mile for attorneys and courtious pro se litigants. Those court room clerks work their butts off all morning and afternoon calls. Many of them are really really busy. I mean, if you’re motivated enough to ‘buy’ a job (With a large cash donation to browns campaign fund), then you’re probably motivated enough to actually do the job, knowing… Read more »