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The Truth Hurts
11 days ago

4 cents a gallon increase in DuPage County. Most people won’t even notice. Many more stealth taxes like this to be added/increased in the coming months. Your government needs more money.

11 days ago

As you point out those little stealth taxes like a half a cent here and a quarter of a cent there and before you know it the sales tax has practically doubled.

The Truth Hurts
11 days ago
Reply to  Riverbender

Just saw some alderman wants to start adding an Amazon package tax to items shipped to your home. $1.25 per package under 50 pounds and $2.50 for over. Taxes need to go up. Chicago needs more money.

Truth in Cook County
13 days ago

As voters in DuPage turn more toward Democrats, expect taxes to surge. Reap what you sow. Wait till they see how Lauren votes on sure to be upcoming federal tax legislation. She will follow her leader, Pelosi.

13 days ago

The article said it all. Most affected would be low income earners, first responders and essential workers. Democrata are your friend, right.

Platinum Goose
11 days ago
Reply to  DixonSyder

Also affects any sales person or service person that has to drive. Even though my SUV gets 15 mpg this tax will have no affect on me. I don’t like it though because I think low gas prices really help the economy. The other negative is DuPage c-stores may lose gas sales where they border other counties. I’ll be sure to fill up when I take my kid to school in Bloomington.