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Question, does anybody know what law if any prohibits taxpayers, businesses etc from taking are great politicians of Illinois to court and suing them for all there misdeeds, fraud, corruption, misrepresentation.


I believe that “Sovereign Immunity” protects states and the Federal Gov’t from litigation in most cases. Discrimination lawsuits may be legal? but not sure. They have all the bases covered at least for now including the voting booth with political boundary maps/unopposed and sham candidates and especially that only 60 votes are needed to elect the Speaker in the House.


This may be of some interest. I found the article on how Indiana changed the property tax system to what it is today. Check out “Property Tax Wallop spurs Backlash” in the Chicago Tribune dated Feb 3,2008. Unless people band together nothing will be accomplished. It will be more difficult to do this in Illinois since it’s almost impossible to vote many out but it is doable. One resident Christine Muller said it best “We look at protecting our home like saving one of our children. A home is a place of memories and where we have spent most of… Read more »

Fed up neighbor

That’s the problem nobody speaks out other than the political forums, e mail your local representative is useless, you may hear back in six months or so. Maybe Now is the time for a all out assault on Springfield, just like the Chicago teachers did. Have the media on the scene to report about the marches telling Springfield it’s time, protest protest shut streets down in Chicago just like the cry baby teachers Did since you are the root cause of this. Pay for your own PENSIONS.


Thousands and thousands of pro-life protesters flooded Springfield and the capital shortly before the infanticide bill. There was, for the most part, a media black out of the protests. And the bill passed overwhelming, so overwhelmingly, that progressives in Skokie are now primarying out their own hand-picked representative – a rabbi – because he voted ‘present’ on the pro-life bill instead of ‘yea’ even though he voted progressive on every other bill. A rabbi. Springfield won’t listen to you and the media is not on your side. Don’t expect anything of a pension protest. People have chosen to vote with… Read more »


Too true. If sanity is the degree to which a person’s perception of the world aligns with reality, leftism today is saturated with clinically insane people who thing they can HAVE stuff yet ruin those who MAKE stuff. I really don’t know if a billionaire like Jabba is (as Murray Rothbard said of all the ultra-wealthy) nuttier than a squirrel turd or if all this is just Kabuki Theater so he can stuff tens of millions more public loot into his swollen wealth accounts, but it’s clear that the lunatics are truly in control of the IL asylum.


University students are just a conduit for univ. employees to grab loan proceeds.
Medicare/Medicaid patients are just a conduit for service providers to loot public treasuries.
Property is just a fat, immobile cow that politicians and the parasites they feed to milk, milk, milk.

Our society is utterly amoral. The government we see is what the citizens of Sodom get. (And I’m not even nominally a Christian, but the shoe surely fits.)

Governor of Alderaan

The task farce did exactly what it was designed to do-fail