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Blair Garber
4 months ago

isn’t he the theater critic? What ‘sporting events’ does he attend?

Last edited 4 months ago by Blair Garber
robt neville
4 months ago

après nous la deluge

4 months ago

Zorn, Chappy, Clarence, Dahleen – Tribune, that’s why I stopped paying you… That and the fascist removal of speech by eliminating the comments section…

Illinois Entrepreneur
4 months ago

Isn’t it becoming more and more clear with every passing day that the Left’s mask is coming off? They at least used to pretend they loved America “even for all its faults” as they liked to say.
Now they are just fully out, admitting that they pretty much hate everything about this country.
And we’re letting them win the day, and win the narrative, recruiting many useful idiots to their cause.

4 months ago

Zorn is one of the main reasons that the Tribune is sinking into history and will soon be a memory as it shuts down. The National Enquirer is more trustworty.

Governor of Alderaan
4 months ago

Zorn is only following Putin’s orders

Lyn P
4 months ago

Another panderer to Wokesterism. When there is no longer a country called USA let’s see what he writes about…oh, maybe the need to regain freedom of the press which is part of the country he now tears down….yeah that’s it

Tom Paine's Ghost
4 months ago

Zorn hates America. Zorn hates himself. Zorn feels guilty for existing.

4 months ago

Zorn, shut up and walk my dog, here’s her leash. Stop talking, move on…

4 months ago

I agree. Let’s scrap it for “God Bless America”…