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I like my home in IL. Kids of mine live in IL. They own houses (one paid his off already.) It’s all well and good to talk about moving somewhere else, but for me it’s simply not much of an option. I already assume that my modest home can and will collapse in sale price, but as I don’t count on it for anything with regard to “retirement,” that’s okay…sort-of. I keep saying that there’s an inflection point where, when taxes (as a percentage of “home price”) cross it, house value in that taxing district will go from “X” dollar… Read more »


Unless taxpayers band together even in small local groups we don’t have a chance. Take a look at and search Berwyn. Jim Tobin got some local people together to demand their money back when the school district wanted more money after people received large property tax bills. Not sure if they won but it got the attention from taxing bodies. This needs to be done locally/ statewide to stop this taxing insanity. Instead of us getting out maybe the pols should be first.


We have plans to leave next year. Our families think we’re crazy, but they’ve all lived here too long for their own good home many in this state.

Hank Scorpio

Same. I ask my family members “What happens if your property taxes double overnight and you can’t sell your house for more than 50% of what you paid because there are no buyers left”. They also think I’m crazy. Every week I spend at least 1 hour looking at different options in different states.


Can’t say I blame you. At all. You’re lucky to have a business that can be run from anywhere. Count yourself lucky. Escape Hellinois!


its about time. The choice of southern utah is a bit unusual though. Outdoor activities are great but there’s not a lot going on in some of those rural areas.