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6 months ago

Charlie will probably want to keep that Chicago residence for 6 months + 1 day to avoid paying California taxes on his large LAPD pension: https://transparentcalifornia.com/pensions/2018/los-angeles-fire-and-police-employees-pension/charles-l-beck/ And speaking of pensions, amazing how many former policemen are doing consulting work around here: “Sean Malinowski, who was chief of staff to Beck before they both retired from the LAPD, is now director of Policing Innovation and Reform at the University of Chicago Crime Lab. Arif Alikhan, who headed Constitutional Policing and Policy for the LAPD, and Maggie Goodrich, who was chief information officer for LAPD, are also consultants with the Chicago Crime… Read more »

6 months ago
Reply to  nixit

I question someone’s judgment who leaves LA for Chicago. I get the leaving California part; I don’t get the ‘move to Chicago’ part.

6 months ago
Reply to  debtsor

Money!! Lots and Lots of sooner or later taxpayers money.