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13 days ago

She doesn’t know how to do her job and takes her orders from higher ups. She is like most of Illinois –puppets

Governor of Alderaan
13 days ago

Foxx was not elected, the office was bought by a hostile foreign national, George Soros. She is an unAmerican, unpatriotic traitor who takes orders from a hostile foreign national to damage America as much as possible

Fed up neighbor
13 days ago

Pathetic what a totally pathetic person, lawlessness in the city of Chicago and cook county. And you wonder why every weekend there is the gunfight at the ok corral. Keep adding fuel to the fire Kim Foxx, pathetic.

13 days ago

Nothing new here. Since becoming the Cook County States Attorney her office has consistently dropped serious charges against people of color in order to bring “restorative justice” to Cook County. Restorative justice us a code phrase for “no black people should get arrested”.